Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) calculator for Doge Killer (LEASH) Doge Killer Logo

Buying 10.00 USD of LEASH weekly from May 25, 2021 to September 29, 2022 would have turned 710.00 USD into 366.40 USD (-48.39%)

You can customize the Doge Killer dollar cost averaging settings here.

Weekly Investment Summary

Total Invested
710.00 USD
71 Investments
Total LEASH purchased
Value in crypto
Current value of your LEASH
366.40 USD
Value in FIAT
Cost AVG profit
-343.60 USD
ROI : -48.39%

Lump Sum Investment Summary

Lump sum invest
710.00 USD
on 05/25/2021
LEASH purchased
Value in crypto
Current lump sum value
132.92 USD
Value in FIAT
Lump sum profit
-577.08 USD
ROI : -81.28%
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Investment Performance Chart

Weekly Lump Sum
% Change
% Change From Start
Total Invested
Profit %
Total Invested
Profit %
05/25/20212,276.54 USD+0.00%+0.00%10.00 USD10.00 USD-0.00 USD-0.02%0.00439 LEASH710.00 USD709.86 USD-0.14 USD-0.02%0.31188 LEASH
06/01/20212,708.56 USD+18.98%+18.98%20.00 USD21.89 USD+1.89 USD+9.47%0.00808 LEASH710.00 USD844.57 USD+134.57 USD+18.95%0.31188 LEASH
06/08/20212,136.59 USD-21.12%-6.15%30.00 USD27.27 USD-2.73 USD-9.11%0.01276 LEASH710.00 USD666.22 USD-43.78 USD-6.17%0.31188 LEASH
06/15/20212,373.03 USD+11.07%+4.24%40.00 USD40.28 USD+0.28 USD+0.71%0.01698 LEASH710.00 USD739.94 USD+29.94 USD+4.22%0.31188 LEASH
06/22/20211,867.60 USD-21.30%-17.96%50.00 USD41.70 USD-8.30 USD-16.60%0.02233 LEASH710.00 USD582.34 USD-127.66 USD-17.98%0.31188 LEASH
06/29/20213,930.53 USD+110.46%+72.65%60.00 USD97.76 USD+37.76 USD+62.94%0.02488 LEASH710.00 USD1,225.59 USD+515.59 USD+72.62%0.31188 LEASH
07/06/20213,305.85 USD-15.89%+45.21%70.00 USD92.22 USD+22.22 USD+31.75%0.0279 LEASH710.00 USD1,030.81 USD+320.81 USD+45.18%0.31188 LEASH
07/13/20212,310.86 USD-30.10%+1.51%80.00 USD74.46 USD-5.54 USD-6.92%0.03223 LEASH710.00 USD720.56 USD+10.56 USD+1.49%0.31188 LEASH
07/20/20211,745.59 USD-24.46%-23.32%90.00 USD66.25 USD-23.75 USD-26.39%0.03796 LEASH710.00 USD544.30 USD-165.70 USD-23.34%0.31188 LEASH
07/27/20211,238.85 USD-29.03%-45.58%100.00 USD57.01 USD-42.99 USD-42.99%0.04603 LEASH710.00 USD386.29 USD-323.71 USD-45.59%0.31188 LEASH
08/03/20211,099.31 USD-11.26%-51.71%110.00 USD60.59 USD-49.41 USD-44.92%0.05513 LEASH710.00 USD342.78 USD-367.22 USD-51.72%0.31188 LEASH
08/10/20211,279.43 USD+16.38%-43.80%120.00 USD80.52 USD-39.48 USD-32.90%0.06294 LEASH710.00 USD398.94 USD-311.06 USD-43.81%0.31188 LEASH
08/17/2021992.57 USD-22.42%-56.40%130.00 USD72.46 USD-57.54 USD-44.26%0.07302 LEASH710.00 USD309.50 USD-400.50 USD-56.41%0.31188 LEASH
08/24/2021927.16 USD-6.59%-59.27%140.00 USD77.68 USD-62.32 USD-44.51%0.0838 LEASH710.00 USD289.10 USD-420.90 USD-59.28%0.31188 LEASH
08/31/2021840.75 USD-9.32%-63.07%150.00 USD80.44 USD-69.56 USD-46.37%0.0957 LEASH710.00 USD262.16 USD-447.84 USD-63.08%0.31188 LEASH
09/07/20211,110.00 USD+32.03%-51.24%160.00 USD116.20 USD-43.80 USD-27.37%0.10471 LEASH710.00 USD346.11 USD-363.89 USD-51.25%0.31188 LEASH
09/14/2021711.07 USD-35.94%-68.77%170.00 USD84.44 USD-85.56 USD-50.33%0.11877 LEASH710.00 USD221.72 USD-488.28 USD-68.77%0.31188 LEASH
09/21/2021732.81 USD+3.06%-67.81%180.00 USD97.02 USD-82.98 USD-46.10%0.13242 LEASH710.00 USD228.50 USD-481.50 USD-67.82%0.31188 LEASH
09/28/2021764.32 USD+4.30%-66.43%190.00 USD111.19 USD-78.81 USD-41.48%0.1455 LEASH710.00 USD238.33 USD-471.67 USD-66.43%0.31188 LEASH
10/05/20211,080.96 USD+41.43%-52.52%200.00 USD167.25 USD-32.75 USD-16.38%0.15475 LEASH710.00 USD337.06 USD-372.94 USD-52.53%0.31188 LEASH
10/12/20212,108.75 USD+95.08%-7.37%210.00 USD336.26 USD+126.26 USD+60.13%0.15949 LEASH710.00 USD657.54 USD-52.46 USD-7.39%0.31188 LEASH
10/19/20211,586.85 USD-24.75%-30.30%220.00 USD263.04 USD+43.04 USD+19.56%0.16579 LEASH710.00 USD494.80 USD-215.20 USD-30.31%0.31188 LEASH
10/26/20211,742.88 USD+9.83%-23.44%230.00 USD298.90 USD+68.90 USD+29.96%0.17153 LEASH710.00 USD543.45 USD-166.55 USD-23.46%0.31188 LEASH
11/02/20214,046.43 USD+132.17%+77.74%240.00 USD703.95 USD+463.95 USD+193.31%0.174 LEASH710.00 USD1,261.73 USD+551.73 USD+77.71%0.31188 LEASH
11/09/20213,045.17 USD-24.74%+33.76%250.00 USD539.76 USD+289.76 USD+115.91%0.17729 LEASH710.00 USD949.53 USD+239.53 USD+33.74%0.31188 LEASH
11/16/20212,315.19 USD-23.97%+1.70%260.00 USD420.37 USD+160.37 USD+61.68%0.18161 LEASH710.00 USD721.91 USD+11.91 USD+1.68%0.31188 LEASH
11/23/20211,715.56 USD-25.90%-24.64%270.00 USD321.49 USD+51.49 USD+19.07%0.18744 LEASH710.00 USD534.94 USD-175.06 USD-24.66%0.31188 LEASH
11/30/20211,947.58 USD+13.52%-14.45%280.00 USD374.97 USD+94.97 USD+33.92%0.19257 LEASH710.00 USD607.28 USD-102.72 USD-14.47%0.31188 LEASH
12/07/20211,570.76 USD-19.35%-31.00%290.00 USD312.42 USD+22.42 USD+7.73%0.19894 LEASH710.00 USD489.79 USD-220.21 USD-31.02%0.31188 LEASH
12/14/20211,118.02 USD-28.82%-50.89%300.00 USD232.37 USD-67.63 USD-22.54%0.20788 LEASH710.00 USD348.61 USD-361.39 USD-50.90%0.31188 LEASH
12/21/20211,113.11 USD-0.44%-51.11%310.00 USD241.35 USD-68.65 USD-22.15%0.21687 LEASH710.00 USD347.08 USD-362.92 USD-51.11%0.31188 LEASH
12/28/20211,341.23 USD+20.49%-41.08%320.00 USD300.81 USD-19.19 USD-6.00%0.22432 LEASH710.00 USD418.21 USD-291.79 USD-41.10%0.31188 LEASH
01/04/20221,460.14 USD+8.87%-35.86%330.00 USD337.47 USD+7.47 USD+2.26%0.23117 LEASH710.00 USD455.29 USD-254.71 USD-35.87%0.31188 LEASH
01/11/2022995.00 USD-31.86%-56.29%340.00 USD239.97 USD-100.03 USD-29.42%0.24122 LEASH710.00 USD310.25 USD-399.75 USD-56.30%0.31188 LEASH
01/18/2022990.22 USD-0.48%-56.50%350.00 USD248.81 USD-101.19 USD-28.91%0.25132 LEASH710.00 USD308.76 USD-401.24 USD-56.51%0.31188 LEASH
01/25/2022778.56 USD-21.37%-65.80%360.00 USD205.63 USD-154.37 USD-42.88%0.26416 LEASH710.00 USD242.77 USD-467.23 USD-65.81%0.31188 LEASH
02/01/2022846.82 USD+8.77%-62.80%370.00 USD233.65 USD-136.35 USD-36.85%0.27597 LEASH710.00 USD264.05 USD-445.95 USD-62.81%0.31188 LEASH
02/08/20221,235.08 USD+45.85%-45.75%380.00 USD350.78 USD-29.22 USD-7.69%0.28407 LEASH710.00 USD385.12 USD-324.88 USD-45.76%0.31188 LEASH
02/15/20221,354.36 USD+9.66%-40.51%390.00 USD394.65 USD+4.65 USD+1.19%0.29145 LEASH710.00 USD422.31 USD-287.69 USD-40.52%0.31188 LEASH
02/22/20221,096.37 USD-19.05%-51.84%400.00 USD329.47 USD-70.53 USD-17.63%0.30057 LEASH710.00 USD341.86 USD-368.14 USD-51.85%0.31188 LEASH
03/01/20221,257.55 USD+14.70%-44.76%410.00 USD387.91 USD-22.09 USD-5.39%0.30852 LEASH710.00 USD392.12 USD-317.88 USD-44.77%0.31188 LEASH
03/08/20221,079.88 USD-14.13%-52.56%420.00 USD343.10 USD-76.90 USD-18.31%0.31779 LEASH710.00 USD336.72 USD-373.28 USD-52.57%0.31188 LEASH
03/15/20221,051.05 USD-2.67%-53.83%430.00 USD343.94 USD-86.06 USD-20.01%0.3273 LEASH710.00 USD327.73 USD-382.27 USD-53.84%0.31188 LEASH
03/22/20221,166.77 USD+11.01%-48.75%440.00 USD391.81 USD-48.19 USD-10.95%0.33587 LEASH710.00 USD363.82 USD-346.18 USD-48.76%0.31188 LEASH
03/29/20221,386.83 USD+18.86%-39.08%450.00 USD475.70 USD+25.70 USD+5.71%0.34308 LEASH710.00 USD432.43 USD-277.57 USD-39.09%0.31188 LEASH
04/05/20221,544.68 USD+11.38%-32.15%460.00 USD539.84 USD+79.84 USD+17.36%0.34955 LEASH710.00 USD481.65 USD-228.35 USD-32.16%0.31188 LEASH
04/12/20221,319.15 USD-14.60%-42.05%470.00 USD471.02 USD+1.02 USD+0.22%0.35714 LEASH710.00 USD411.33 USD-298.67 USD-42.07%0.31188 LEASH
04/19/20221,011.04 USD-23.36%-55.59%480.00 USD371.00 USD-109.00 USD-22.71%0.36703 LEASH710.00 USD315.26 USD-394.74 USD-55.60%0.31188 LEASH
04/26/2022941.43 USD-6.88%-58.65%490.00 USD355.46 USD-134.54 USD-27.46%0.37765 LEASH710.00 USD293.55 USD-416.45 USD-58.65%0.31188 LEASH
05/03/2022823.59 USD-12.52%-63.82%500.00 USD320.96 USD-179.04 USD-35.81%0.38979 LEASH710.00 USD256.81 USD-453.19 USD-63.83%0.31188 LEASH
05/10/2022586.46 USD-28.79%-74.24%510.00 USD238.55 USD-271.45 USD-53.23%0.40684 LEASH710.00 USD182.87 USD-527.13 USD-74.24%0.31188 LEASH
05/17/2022487.14 USD-16.94%-78.60%520.00 USD208.15 USD-311.85 USD-59.97%0.42737 LEASH710.00 USD151.90 USD-558.10 USD-78.61%0.31188 LEASH
05/24/2022490.04 USD+0.60%-78.47%530.00 USD219.39 USD-310.61 USD-58.61%0.44778 LEASH710.00 USD152.80 USD-557.20 USD-78.48%0.31188 LEASH
05/31/2022474.95 USD-3.08%-79.14%540.00 USD222.63 USD-317.37 USD-58.77%0.46883 LEASH710.00 USD148.10 USD-561.90 USD-79.14%0.31188 LEASH
06/07/2022461.81 USD-2.77%-79.71%550.00 USD226.47 USD-323.53 USD-58.82%0.49048 LEASH710.00 USD144.00 USD-566.00 USD-79.72%0.31188 LEASH
06/14/2022329.94 USD-28.56%-85.51%560.00 USD171.79 USD-388.21 USD-69.32%0.52079 LEASH710.00 USD102.88 USD-607.12 USD-85.51%0.31188 LEASH
06/21/2022321.01 USD-2.71%-85.90%570.00 USD177.14 USD-392.86 USD-68.92%0.55195 LEASH710.00 USD100.09 USD-609.91 USD-85.90%0.31188 LEASH
06/28/2022382.55 USD+19.17%-83.20%580.00 USD221.10 USD-358.90 USD-61.88%0.57809 LEASH710.00 USD119.28 USD-590.72 USD-83.20%0.31188 LEASH
07/05/2022357.48 USD-6.55%-84.30%590.00 USD216.61 USD-373.39 USD-63.29%0.60606 LEASH710.00 USD111.47 USD-598.53 USD-84.30%0.31188 LEASH
07/12/2022357.87 USD+0.11%-84.28%600.00 USD226.85 USD-373.15 USD-62.19%0.634 LEASH710.00 USD111.59 USD-598.41 USD-84.28%0.31188 LEASH
07/19/2022420.25 USD+17.43%-81.54%610.00 USD276.38 USD-333.62 USD-54.69%0.6578 LEASH710.00 USD131.04 USD-578.96 USD-81.54%0.31188 LEASH
07/26/2022372.72 USD-11.31%-83.63%620.00 USD255.12 USD-364.88 USD-58.85%0.68463 LEASH710.00 USD116.22 USD-593.78 USD-83.63%0.31188 LEASH
08/02/2022427.84 USD+14.79%-81.21%630.00 USD302.85 USD-327.15 USD-51.93%0.708 LEASH710.00 USD133.41 USD-576.59 USD-81.21%0.31188 LEASH
08/09/2022594.12 USD+38.86%-73.90%640.00 USD430.55 USD-209.45 USD-32.73%0.72483 LEASH710.00 USD185.25 USD-524.75 USD-73.91%0.31188 LEASH
08/16/2022578.63 USD-2.61%-74.58%650.00 USD429.32 USD-220.68 USD-33.95%0.74212 LEASH710.00 USD180.42 USD-529.58 USD-74.59%0.31188 LEASH
08/23/2022471.63 USD-18.49%-79.28%660.00 USD359.93 USD-300.07 USD-45.46%0.76332 LEASH710.00 USD147.06 USD-562.94 USD-79.29%0.31188 LEASH
08/30/2022559.68 USD+18.67%-75.42%670.00 USD437.13 USD-232.87 USD-34.76%0.78119 LEASH710.00 USD174.52 USD-535.48 USD-75.42%0.31188 LEASH
09/06/2022632.64 USD+13.04%-72.21%680.00 USD504.11 USD-175.89 USD-25.87%0.79699 LEASH710.00 USD197.27 USD-512.73 USD-72.22%0.31188 LEASH
09/13/2022603.22 USD-4.65%-73.50%690.00 USD490.67 USD-199.33 USD-28.89%0.81357 LEASH710.00 USD188.09 USD-521.91 USD-73.51%0.31188 LEASH
09/20/2022440.68 USD-26.95%-80.64%700.00 USD368.45 USD-331.55 USD-47.36%0.83626 LEASH710.00 USD137.41 USD-572.59 USD-80.65%0.31188 LEASH
09/27/2022426.27 USD-3.27%-81.28%710.00 USD366.40 USD-343.60 USD-48.39%0.85972 LEASH710.00 USD132.92 USD-577.08 USD-81.28%0.31188 LEASH

*Please note that values above utilizes data from CoinGecko and ExchangeRate-API.

How to use the LEASH DCA tool

How to use this Doge Killer Investment Calculator

This Doge Killer investment calculator allows you to experiment with various DCA parameters to see how your portfolio would have done in different scenarios. This might assist you in determining the most effective strategies for your future Doge Killer investments.

How portfolio values are calculated

We simulate making purchases on a recurring basis over the duration of the accumulation period beginning on the specified start date. We use the historical price of Doge Killer to determine how many LEASH you would have acquired at that time for each simulated purchase.

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar cost average (DCA) is an investment strategy in which a person invests a predetermined amount of money at regular intervals, such as weekly or monthly.

Regardless of what is happening in the financial markets, the investment is usually made every month. As a result, as Doge Killer prices rise, the investor will be able to purchase fewer Doge Killer. When the price of Doge Killer falls, the investor will be able to buy more of it. Because cryptocurrency can be extremely volatile, investing in this manner spreads the risk over a longer period of time. If the investor believes the investment has long-term potential but believes it is too risky to make a large lump sum investment, cost averaging may be a safer option.

How to invest in Doge Killer?

Dollar cost averaging is used by investors all over the world because it provides the following advantages:

  • It's an appealing option for investors who want to make regular contributions to their investment portfolios. Similarly to savings accounts, instead of a lump sum, a fixed proportion of income or a long-term investment goal can be invested each week.
  • It eliminates the need to time the market. As a result, the overall trend in a given stock, rather than the investor's specific entry price, will determine an investor's returns. Furthermore, it assists investors in lowering their cost basis on securities that have lost value.

Doge Killer can be purchased on exchanges like OKEx.