Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) calculator for Creditcoin (CTC) Creditcoin Logo

Buying 10.00 USD of CTC weekly from February 6, 2020 to September 30, 2023 would have turned 1.91k USD into 532.04 USD (-72.14%)

You can customize the Creditcoin dollar cost averaging settings here.

Weekly Investment Summary

Total Invested
1.91k USD
191 Investments
Total CTC purchased
Value in crypto
Current value of your CTC
532.04 USD
Value in FIAT
Cost AVG profit
-1.38k USD
ROI : -72.14%

Lump Sum Investment Summary

Lump sum invest
1.91k USD
on 02/06/2020
CTC purchased
Value in crypto
Current lump sum value
795.95 USD
Value in FIAT
Lump sum profit
-1.11k USD
ROI : -58.33%
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Investment Performance Chart

Weekly Lump Sum
% Change
% Change From Start
Total Invested
CTC Value
Profit %
CTC Total
Total Invested
CTC Value
Profit %
CTC Total
02/06/20200.31914 USD+0.00%+0.00%10.00 USD10.00 USD-0.00 USD-0.02%31.33 CTC1,910.00 USD1,909.62 USD-0.38 USD-0.02%5,984.85 CTC
02/13/20200.40738 USD+27.65%+27.65%20.00 USD22.76 USD+2.76 USD+13.80%55.88 CTC1,910.00 USD2,437.63 USD+527.63 USD+27.62%5,984.85 CTC
02/20/20200.32587 USD-20.01%+2.11%30.00 USD28.20 USD-1.80 USD-5.99%86.57 CTC1,910.00 USD1,949.89 USD+39.89 USD+2.09%5,984.85 CTC
02/27/20200.24809 USD-23.87%-22.26%40.00 USD31.47 USD-8.53 USD-21.32%126.88 CTC1,910.00 USD1,484.48 USD-425.52 USD-22.28%5,984.85 CTC
03/05/20200.22858 USD-7.86%-28.38%50.00 USD38.99 USD-11.01 USD-22.01%170.62 CTC1,910.00 USD1,367.74 USD-542.26 USD-28.39%5,984.85 CTC
03/12/20200.26071 USD+14.05%-18.31%60.00 USD54.47 USD-5.53 USD-9.21%208.98 CTC1,910.00 USD1,559.97 USD-350.03 USD-18.33%5,984.85 CTC
03/19/20200.23791 USD-8.74%-25.45%70.00 USD59.71 USD-10.29 USD-14.70%251.01 CTC1,910.00 USD1,423.60 USD-486.40 USD-25.47%5,984.85 CTC
03/26/20200.30206 USD+26.96%-5.35%80.00 USD85.80 USD+5.80 USD+7.25%284.12 CTC1,910.00 USD1,807.40 USD-102.60 USD-5.37%5,984.85 CTC
04/02/20200.40148 USD+32.92%+25.80%90.00 USD124.04 USD+34.04 USD+37.83%309.03 CTC1,910.00 USD2,402.31 USD+492.31 USD+25.78%5,984.85 CTC
04/09/20200.64812 USD+61.43%+103.08%100.00 USD210.25 USD+110.25 USD+110.25%324.46 CTC1,910.00 USD3,878.13 USD+1,968.13 USD+103.04%5,984.85 CTC
04/16/20200.36448 USD-43.76%+14.21%110.00 USD128.23 USD+18.23 USD+16.58%351.89 CTC1,910.00 USD2,180.95 USD+270.95 USD+14.19%5,984.85 CTC
04/23/20200.38086 USD+4.49%+19.34%120.00 USD143.99 USD+23.99 USD+19.99%378.15 CTC1,910.00 USD2,278.92 USD+368.92 USD+19.31%5,984.85 CTC
04/30/20200.3506 USD-7.94%+9.86%130.00 USD142.55 USD+12.55 USD+9.66%406.67 CTC1,910.00 USD2,097.90 USD+187.90 USD+9.84%5,984.85 CTC
05/07/20200.3276 USD-6.56%+2.65%140.00 USD143.20 USD+3.20 USD+2.28%437.20 CTC1,910.00 USD1,960.27 USD+50.27 USD+2.63%5,984.85 CTC
05/14/20200.36144 USD+10.33%+13.25%150.00 USD167.99 USD+17.99 USD+11.99%464.86 CTC1,910.00 USD2,162.71 USD+252.71 USD+13.23%5,984.85 CTC
05/21/20200.24557 USD-32.06%-23.05%160.00 USD124.13 USD-35.87 USD-22.42%505.59 CTC1,910.00 USD1,469.39 USD-440.61 USD-23.07%5,984.85 CTC
05/28/20200.23649 USD-3.70%-25.90%170.00 USD129.54 USD-40.46 USD-23.80%547.87 CTC1,910.00 USD1,415.04 USD-494.96 USD-25.91%5,984.85 CTC
06/04/20200.20855 USD-11.81%-34.65%180.00 USD124.23 USD-55.77 USD-30.98%595.82 CTC1,910.00 USD1,247.89 USD-662.11 USD-34.67%5,984.85 CTC
06/11/20200.18012 USD-13.63%-43.56%190.00 USD117.29 USD-72.71 USD-38.27%651.34 CTC1,910.00 USD1,077.76 USD-832.24 USD-43.57%5,984.85 CTC
06/18/20200.20346 USD+12.96%-36.25%200.00 USD142.49 USD-57.51 USD-28.75%700.49 CTC1,910.00 USD1,217.43 USD-692.57 USD-36.26%5,984.85 CTC
06/25/20200.18636 USD-8.40%-41.61%210.00 USD140.52 USD-69.48 USD-33.09%754.15 CTC1,910.00 USD1,115.12 USD-794.88 USD-41.62%5,984.85 CTC
07/02/20200.28283 USD+51.77%-11.38%220.00 USD223.25 USD+3.25 USD+1.48%789.51 CTC1,910.00 USD1,692.37 USD-217.63 USD-11.39%5,984.85 CTC
07/09/20200.2656 USD-6.09%-16.77%230.00 USD219.65 USD-10.35 USD-4.50%827.16 CTC1,910.00 USD1,589.28 USD-320.72 USD-16.79%5,984.85 CTC
07/16/20200.34485 USD+29.84%+8.06%240.00 USD295.19 USD+55.19 USD+22.99%856.16 CTC1,910.00 USD2,063.47 USD+153.47 USD+8.03%5,984.85 CTC
07/23/20200.31554 USD-8.50%-1.13%250.00 USD280.10 USD+30.10 USD+12.04%887.85 CTC1,910.00 USD1,888.08 USD-21.92 USD-1.15%5,984.85 CTC
07/30/20200.38582 USD+22.27%+20.89%260.00 USD352.47 USD+92.47 USD+35.57%913.77 CTC1,910.00 USD2,308.58 USD+398.58 USD+20.87%5,984.85 CTC
08/06/20200.39683 USD+2.85%+24.34%270.00 USD372.53 USD+102.53 USD+37.97%938.97 CTC1,910.00 USD2,374.46 USD+464.46 USD+24.32%5,984.85 CTC
08/13/20200.59307 USD+49.45%+85.83%280.00 USD566.76 USD+286.76 USD+102.41%955.83 CTC1,910.00 USD3,548.74 USD+1,638.74 USD+85.80%5,984.85 CTC
08/20/20200.59296 USD-0.02%+85.80%290.00 USD576.66 USD+286.66 USD+98.85%972.69 CTC1,910.00 USD3,548.09 USD+1,638.09 USD+85.76%5,984.85 CTC
08/27/20200.54809 USD-7.57%+71.74%300.00 USD543.01 USD+243.01 USD+81.00%990.94 CTC1,910.00 USD3,279.58 USD+1,369.58 USD+71.71%5,984.85 CTC
09/03/20200.56733 USD+3.51%+77.77%310.00 USD572.07 USD+262.07 USD+84.54%1,008.57 CTC1,910.00 USD3,394.71 USD+1,484.71 USD+77.73%5,984.85 CTC
09/10/20200.57577 USD+1.49%+80.41%320.00 USD590.58 USD+270.58 USD+84.56%1,025.93 CTC1,910.00 USD3,445.22 USD+1,535.22 USD+80.38%5,984.85 CTC
09/17/20200.59094 USD+2.63%+85.17%330.00 USD616.14 USD+286.14 USD+86.71%1,042.86 CTC1,910.00 USD3,535.99 USD+1,625.99 USD+85.13%5,984.85 CTC
09/24/20200.57415 USD-2.84%+79.91%340.00 USD608.64 USD+268.64 USD+79.01%1,060.27 CTC1,910.00 USD3,435.54 USD+1,525.54 USD+79.87%5,984.85 CTC
10/01/20200.58533 USD+1.95%+83.41%350.00 USD630.48 USD+280.48 USD+80.14%1,077.36 CTC1,910.00 USD3,502.41 USD+1,592.41 USD+83.37%5,984.85 CTC
10/08/20200.57633 USD-1.54%+80.59%360.00 USD630.79 USD+270.79 USD+75.22%1,094.71 CTC1,910.00 USD3,448.56 USD+1,538.56 USD+80.55%5,984.85 CTC
10/15/20200.59022 USD+2.41%+84.94%370.00 USD655.99 USD+285.99 USD+77.29%1,111.65 CTC1,910.00 USD3,531.68 USD+1,621.68 USD+84.90%5,984.85 CTC
10/22/20200.57545 USD-2.50%+80.31%380.00 USD649.57 USD+269.57 USD+70.94%1,129.03 CTC1,910.00 USD3,443.31 USD+1,533.31 USD+80.28%5,984.85 CTC
10/29/20200.49463 USD-14.05%+54.99%390.00 USD568.34 USD+178.34 USD+45.73%1,149.25 CTC1,910.00 USD2,959.70 USD+1,049.70 USD+54.96%5,984.85 CTC
11/05/20200.49698 USD+0.47%+55.72%400.00 USD581.03 USD+181.03 USD+45.26%1,169.37 CTC1,910.00 USD2,973.74 USD+1,063.74 USD+55.69%5,984.85 CTC
11/12/20200.51902 USD+4.44%+62.63%410.00 USD616.81 USD+206.81 USD+50.44%1,188.63 CTC1,910.00 USD3,105.66 USD+1,195.66 USD+62.60%5,984.85 CTC
11/19/20200.517 USD-0.39%+62.00%420.00 USD624.40 USD+204.40 USD+48.67%1,207.98 CTC1,910.00 USD3,093.55 USD+1,183.55 USD+61.97%5,984.85 CTC
11/26/20200.5872 USD+13.58%+83.99%430.00 USD719.18 USD+289.18 USD+67.25%1,225.01 CTC1,910.00 USD3,513.60 USD+1,603.60 USD+83.96%5,984.85 CTC
12/03/20200.51076 USD-13.02%+60.04%440.00 USD635.56 USD+195.56 USD+44.45%1,244.58 CTC1,910.00 USD3,056.23 USD+1,146.23 USD+60.01%5,984.85 CTC
12/10/20200.55303 USD+8.28%+73.29%450.00 USD698.16 USD+248.16 USD+55.15%1,262.67 CTC1,910.00 USD3,309.17 USD+1,399.17 USD+73.25%5,984.85 CTC
12/17/20200.59146 USD+6.95%+85.33%460.00 USD756.67 USD+296.67 USD+64.49%1,279.57 CTC1,910.00 USD3,539.09 USD+1,629.09 USD+85.29%5,984.85 CTC
12/24/20200.60541 USD+2.36%+89.70%470.00 USD784.51 USD+314.51 USD+66.92%1,296.09 CTC1,910.00 USD3,622.59 USD+1,712.59 USD+89.66%5,984.85 CTC
12/31/20200.62353 USD+2.99%+95.38%480.00 USD817.99 USD+337.99 USD+70.41%1,312.13 CTC1,910.00 USD3,731.00 USD+1,821.00 USD+95.34%5,984.85 CTC
01/07/20210.85253 USD+36.73%+167.14%490.00 USD1,128.41 USD+638.41 USD+130.29%1,323.86 CTC1,910.00 USD5,101.27 USD+3,191.27 USD+167.08%5,984.85 CTC
01/14/20210.77489 USD-9.11%+142.81%500.00 USD1,035.63 USD+535.63 USD+107.13%1,336.76 CTC1,910.00 USD4,636.65 USD+2,726.65 USD+142.76%5,984.85 CTC
01/21/20210.83407 USD+7.64%+161.35%510.00 USD1,124.73 USD+614.73 USD+120.54%1,348.75 CTC1,910.00 USD4,990.80 USD+3,080.80 USD+161.30%5,984.85 CTC
01/28/20210.79942 USD-4.15%+150.49%520.00 USD1,088.01 USD+568.01 USD+109.23%1,361.26 CTC1,910.00 USD4,783.48 USD+2,873.48 USD+150.44%5,984.85 CTC
02/04/20210.82619 USD+3.35%+158.88%530.00 USD1,134.44 USD+604.44 USD+114.05%1,373.37 CTC1,910.00 USD4,943.66 USD+3,033.66 USD+158.83%5,984.85 CTC
02/11/20211.22 USD+47.17%+281.01%540.00 USD1,679.59 USD+1,139.59 USD+211.04%1,381.59 CTC1,910.00 USD7,275.75 USD+5,365.75 USD+280.93%5,984.85 CTC
02/18/20213.04 USD+150.41%+854.08%550.00 USD4,215.89 USD+3,665.89 USD+666.53%1,384.87 CTC1,910.00 USD18,219.34 USD+16,309.34 USD+853.89%5,984.85 CTC
02/25/20213.39 USD+11.48%+963.64%560.00 USD4,709.99 USD+4,149.99 USD+741.07%1,387.82 CTC1,910.00 USD20,311.40 USD+18,401.40 USD+963.42%5,984.85 CTC
03/04/20215.19 USD+52.91%+1,526.41%570.00 USD7,212.06 USD+6,642.06 USD+1,165.27%1,389.75 CTC1,910.00 USD31,058.24 USD+29,148.24 USD+1,526.09%5,984.85 CTC
03/11/20216.83 USD+31.53%+2,039.18%580.00 USD9,495.85 USD+8,915.85 USD+1,537.22%1,391.21 CTC1,910.00 USD40,850.20 USD+38,940.20 USD+2,038.75%5,984.85 CTC
03/18/20217.25 USD+6.13%+2,170.32%590.00 USD10,088.00 USD+9,498.00 USD+1,609.83%1,392.59 CTC1,910.00 USD43,354.53 USD+41,444.53 USD+2,169.87%5,984.85 CTC
03/25/20216.01 USD-17.05%+1,783.20%600.00 USD8,377.84 USD+7,777.84 USD+1,296.31%1,394.26 CTC1,910.00 USD35,961.91 USD+34,051.91 USD+1,782.82%5,984.85 CTC
04/01/20216.18 USD+2.82%+1,836.32%610.00 USD8,624.16 USD+8,014.16 USD+1,313.80%1,395.87 CTC1,910.00 USD36,976.36 USD+35,066.36 USD+1,835.94%5,984.85 CTC
04/08/20215.99 USD-3.08%+1,776.69%620.00 USD8,368.56 USD+7,748.56 USD+1,249.77%1,397.54 CTC1,910.00 USD35,837.59 USD+33,927.59 USD+1,776.31%5,984.85 CTC
04/15/20216.52 USD+8.91%+1,943.81%630.00 USD9,123.79 USD+8,493.79 USD+1,348.22%1,399.08 CTC1,910.00 USD39,028.97 USD+37,118.97 USD+1,943.40%5,984.85 CTC
04/22/20216.54 USD+0.28%+1,949.47%640.00 USD9,159.05 USD+8,519.05 USD+1,331.10%1,400.61 CTC1,910.00 USD39,137.03 USD+37,227.03 USD+1,949.06%5,984.85 CTC
04/29/20215.82 USD-11.02%+1,723.69%650.00 USD8,160.04 USD+7,510.04 USD+1,155.39%1,402.32 CTC1,910.00 USD34,825.51 USD+32,915.51 USD+1,723.33%5,984.85 CTC
05/06/20215.76 USD-1.01%+1,705.34%660.00 USD8,087.96 USD+7,427.96 USD+1,125.45%1,404.06 CTC1,910.00 USD34,475.19 USD+32,565.19 USD+1,704.98%5,984.85 CTC
05/13/20215.70 USD-1.12%+1,685.21%670.00 USD8,007.75 USD+7,337.75 USD+1,095.19%1,405.82 CTC1,910.00 USD34,090.69 USD+32,180.69 USD+1,684.85%5,984.85 CTC
05/20/20214.37 USD-23.25%+1,270.17%680.00 USD6,156.03 USD+5,476.03 USD+805.30%1,408.10 CTC1,910.00 USD26,164.97 USD+24,254.97 USD+1,269.89%5,984.85 CTC
05/27/20213.67 USD-16.07%+1,049.94%690.00 USD5,176.56 USD+4,486.56 USD+650.23%1,410.83 CTC1,910.00 USD21,959.42 USD+20,049.42 USD+1,049.71%5,984.85 CTC
06/03/20214.74 USD+29.23%+1,386.01%700.00 USD6,699.43 USD+5,999.43 USD+857.06%1,412.94 CTC1,910.00 USD28,377.16 USD+26,467.16 USD+1,385.72%5,984.85 CTC
06/10/20213.84 USD-19.00%+1,103.62%710.00 USD5,436.29 USD+4,726.29 USD+665.68%1,415.54 CTC1,910.00 USD22,984.48 USD+21,074.48 USD+1,103.38%5,984.85 CTC
06/17/20213.22 USD-16.20%+908.62%720.00 USD4,565.54 USD+3,845.54 USD+534.10%1,418.65 CTC1,910.00 USD19,260.70 USD+17,350.70 USD+908.41%5,984.85 CTC
06/24/20212.80 USD-13.02%+777.31%730.00 USD3,981.18 USD+3,251.18 USD+445.37%1,422.22 CTC1,910.00 USD16,753.26 USD+14,843.26 USD+777.13%5,984.85 CTC
07/01/20212.73 USD-2.63%+754.21%740.00 USD3,886.38 USD+3,146.38 USD+425.19%1,425.89 CTC1,910.00 USD16,312.24 USD+14,402.24 USD+754.04%5,984.85 CTC
07/08/20212.62 USD-3.80%+721.78%750.00 USD3,748.79 USD+2,998.79 USD+399.84%1,429.70 CTC1,910.00 USD15,692.80 USD+13,782.80 USD+721.61%5,984.85 CTC
07/15/20212.30 USD-12.25%+621.12%760.00 USD3,299.59 USD+2,539.59 USD+334.16%1,434.04 CTC1,910.00 USD13,770.56 USD+11,860.56 USD+620.97%5,984.85 CTC
07/22/20211.90 USD-17.46%+495.24%770.00 USD2,733.63 USD+1,963.63 USD+255.02%1,439.31 CTC1,910.00 USD11,366.85 USD+9,456.85 USD+495.12%5,984.85 CTC
07/29/20212.38 USD+25.06%+644.41%780.00 USD3,428.70 USD+2,648.70 USD+339.58%1,443.52 CTC1,910.00 USD14,215.45 USD+12,305.45 USD+644.26%5,984.85 CTC
08/05/20212.50 USD+5.06%+682.10%790.00 USD3,612.26 USD+2,822.26 USD+357.25%1,447.52 CTC1,910.00 USD14,935.05 USD+13,025.05 USD+681.94%5,984.85 CTC
08/12/20213.12 USD+25.07%+878.14%800.00 USD4,527.71 USD+3,727.71 USD+465.96%1,450.73 CTC1,910.00 USD18,678.68 USD+16,768.68 USD+877.94%5,984.85 CTC
08/19/20212.97 USD-4.83%+830.85%810.00 USD4,318.80 USD+3,508.80 USD+433.19%1,454.09 CTC1,910.00 USD17,775.62 USD+15,865.62 USD+830.66%5,984.85 CTC
08/26/20214.02 USD+35.28%+1,159.29%820.00 USD5,852.66 USD+5,032.66 USD+613.74%1,456.58 CTC1,910.00 USD24,047.61 USD+22,137.61 USD+1,159.04%5,984.85 CTC
09/02/20214.47 USD+11.15%+1,299.75%830.00 USD6,515.47 USD+5,685.47 USD+685.00%1,458.82 CTC1,910.00 USD26,729.92 USD+24,819.92 USD+1,299.47%5,984.85 CTC
09/09/20213.91 USD-12.49%+1,124.96%840.00 USD5,711.88 USD+4,871.88 USD+579.99%1,461.38 CTC1,910.00 USD23,392.13 USD+21,482.13 USD+1,124.72%5,984.85 CTC
09/16/20214.05 USD+3.65%+1,169.66%850.00 USD5,930.28 USD+5,080.28 USD+597.68%1,463.85 CTC1,910.00 USD24,245.61 USD+22,335.61 USD+1,169.40%5,984.85 CTC
09/23/20213.92 USD-3.38%+1,126.77%860.00 USD5,739.97 USD+4,879.97 USD+567.44%1,466.40 CTC1,910.00 USD23,426.66 USD+21,516.66 USD+1,126.53%5,984.85 CTC
09/30/20212.38 USD-39.32%+644.40%870.00 USD3,492.99 USD+2,622.99 USD+301.49%1,470.61 CTC1,910.00 USD14,215.22 USD+12,305.22 USD+644.25%5,984.85 CTC
10/07/20212.64 USD+11.24%+728.07%880.00 USD3,895.60 USD+3,015.60 USD+342.68%1,474.39 CTC1,910.00 USD15,813.02 USD+13,903.02 USD+727.91%5,984.85 CTC
10/14/20212.52 USD-4.53%+690.59%890.00 USD3,729.25 USD+2,839.25 USD+319.02%1,478.36 CTC1,910.00 USD15,097.19 USD+13,187.19 USD+690.43%5,984.85 CTC
10/21/20212.74 USD+8.44%+757.33%900.00 USD4,054.07 USD+3,154.07 USD+350.45%1,482.01 CTC1,910.00 USD16,371.67 USD+14,461.67 USD+757.16%5,984.85 CTC
10/28/20212.68 USD-2.19%+738.57%910.00 USD3,975.37 USD+3,065.37 USD+336.85%1,485.75 CTC1,910.00 USD16,013.47 USD+14,103.47 USD+738.40%5,984.85 CTC
11/04/20212.61 USD-2.58%+716.93%920.00 USD3,882.80 USD+2,962.80 USD+322.04%1,489.58 CTC1,910.00 USD15,600.31 USD+13,690.31 USD+716.77%5,984.85 CTC
11/11/20213.01 USD+15.37%+842.52%930.00 USD4,489.71 USD+3,559.71 USD+382.76%1,492.91 CTC1,910.00 USD17,998.59 USD+16,088.59 USD+842.33%5,984.85 CTC
11/18/20212.64 USD-12.39%+725.77%940.00 USD3,943.54 USD+3,003.54 USD+319.53%1,496.70 CTC1,910.00 USD15,769.00 USD+13,859.00 USD+725.60%5,984.85 CTC
11/25/20212.37 USD-10.16%+641.86%950.00 USD3,552.85 USD+2,602.85 USD+273.98%1,500.93 CTC1,910.00 USD14,166.77 USD+12,256.77 USD+641.72%5,984.85 CTC
12/02/20212.39 USD+0.75%+647.41%960.00 USD3,589.40 USD+2,629.40 USD+273.90%1,505.12 CTC1,910.00 USD14,272.65 USD+12,362.65 USD+647.26%5,984.85 CTC
12/09/20212.19 USD-8.01%+587.56%970.00 USD3,311.98 USD+2,341.98 USD+241.44%1,509.68 CTC1,910.00 USD13,129.79 USD+11,219.79 USD+587.42%5,984.85 CTC
12/16/20212.44 USD+11.05%+663.51%980.00 USD3,687.81 USD+2,707.81 USD+276.31%1,513.78 CTC1,910.00 USD14,580.04 USD+12,670.04 USD+663.35%5,984.85 CTC
12/23/20212.23 USD-8.46%+598.91%990.00 USD3,385.80 USD+2,395.80 USD+242.00%1,518.26 CTC1,910.00 USD13,346.52 USD+11,436.52 USD+598.77%5,984.85 CTC
12/30/20212.22 USD-0.27%+597.00%1,000.00 USD3,386.55 USD+2,386.55 USD+238.65%1,522.76 CTC1,910.00 USD13,310.04 USD+11,400.04 USD+596.86%5,984.85 CTC
01/06/20222.00 USD-10.08%+526.72%1,010.00 USD3,055.06 USD+2,045.06 USD+202.48%1,527.76 CTC1,910.00 USD11,967.91 USD+10,057.91 USD+526.59%5,984.85 CTC
01/13/20222.05 USD+2.34%+541.36%1,020.00 USD3,136.46 USD+2,116.46 USD+207.50%1,532.64 CTC1,910.00 USD12,247.62 USD+10,337.62 USD+541.24%5,984.85 CTC
01/20/20221.80 USD-12.07%+463.94%1,030.00 USD2,767.83 USD+1,737.83 USD+168.72%1,538.20 CTC1,910.00 USD10,769.09 USD+8,859.09 USD+463.83%5,984.85 CTC
01/27/20221.17 USD-34.74%+268.01%1,040.00 USD1,816.19 USD+776.19 USD+74.63%1,546.72 CTC1,910.00 USD7,027.54 USD+5,117.54 USD+267.93%5,984.85 CTC
02/03/20221.21 USD+2.99%+279.02%1,050.00 USD1,880.51 USD+830.51 USD+79.10%1,554.98 CTC1,910.00 USD7,237.76 USD+5,327.76 USD+278.94%5,984.85 CTC
02/10/20221.43 USD+17.86%+346.69%1,060.00 USD2,226.30 USD+1,166.30 USD+110.03%1,562.00 CTC1,910.00 USD8,530.16 USD+6,620.16 USD+346.61%5,984.85 CTC
02/17/20221.50 USD+5.55%+371.48%1,070.00 USD2,359.84 USD+1,289.84 USD+120.55%1,568.64 CTC1,910.00 USD9,003.52 USD+7,093.52 USD+371.39%5,984.85 CTC
02/24/20221.17 USD-22.54%+265.20%1,080.00 USD1,837.86 USD+757.86 USD+70.17%1,577.22 CTC1,910.00 USD6,973.85 USD+5,063.85 USD+265.12%5,984.85 CTC
03/03/20221.25 USD+6.96%+290.60%1,090.00 USD1,975.73 USD+885.73 USD+81.26%1,585.25 CTC1,910.00 USD7,459.06 USD+5,549.06 USD+290.53%5,984.85 CTC
03/10/20221.15 USD-7.85%+259.93%1,100.00 USD1,830.55 USD+730.55 USD+66.41%1,593.95 CTC1,910.00 USD6,873.21 USD+4,963.21 USD+259.85%5,984.85 CTC
03/17/20221.14 USD-0.40%+258.50%1,110.00 USD1,833.30 USD+723.30 USD+65.16%1,602.69 CTC1,910.00 USD6,846.00 USD+4,936.00 USD+258.43%5,984.85 CTC
03/24/20221.83 USD+59.83%+472.98%1,120.00 USD2,940.09 USD+1,820.09 USD+162.51%1,608.16 CTC1,910.00 USD10,941.70 USD+9,031.70 USD+472.86%5,984.85 CTC
03/31/20221.27 USD-30.63%+297.48%1,130.00 USD2,049.55 USD+919.55 USD+81.38%1,616.04 CTC1,910.00 USD7,590.32 USD+5,680.32 USD+297.40%5,984.85 CTC
04/07/20221.18 USD-7.00%+269.67%1,140.00 USD1,916.16 USD+776.16 USD+68.08%1,624.52 CTC1,910.00 USD7,059.26 USD+5,149.26 USD+269.59%5,984.85 CTC
04/14/20221.09 USD-7.45%+242.13%1,150.00 USD1,783.39 USD+633.39 USD+55.08%1,633.68 CTC1,910.00 USD6,533.30 USD+4,623.30 USD+242.06%5,984.85 CTC
04/21/20221.04 USD-4.63%+226.27%1,160.00 USD1,710.74 USD+550.74 USD+47.48%1,643.28 CTC1,910.00 USD6,230.54 USD+4,320.54 USD+226.21%5,984.85 CTC
04/28/20220.93099 USD-10.59%+191.72%1,170.00 USD1,539.57 USD+369.57 USD+31.59%1,654.02 CTC1,910.00 USD5,570.71 USD+3,660.71 USD+191.66%5,984.85 CTC
05/05/20220.81161 USD-12.82%+154.31%1,180.00 USD1,352.15 USD+172.15 USD+14.59%1,666.34 CTC1,910.00 USD4,856.40 USD+2,946.40 USD+154.26%5,984.85 CTC
05/12/20220.39714 USD-51.07%+24.44%1,190.00 USD671.64 USD-518.36 USD-43.56%1,691.52 CTC1,910.00 USD2,376.36 USD+466.36 USD+24.42%5,984.85 CTC
05/19/20220.44984 USD+13.27%+40.95%1,200.00 USD770.76 USD-429.24 USD-35.77%1,713.75 CTC1,910.00 USD2,691.70 USD+781.70 USD+40.93%5,984.85 CTC
05/26/20220.57482 USD+27.78%+80.12%1,210.00 USD994.90 USD-215.10 USD-17.78%1,731.15 CTC1,910.00 USD3,439.53 USD+1,529.53 USD+80.08%5,984.85 CTC
06/02/20220.48222 USD-16.11%+51.10%1,220.00 USD844.63 USD-375.37 USD-30.77%1,751.89 CTC1,910.00 USD2,885.46 USD+975.46 USD+51.07%5,984.85 CTC
06/09/20220.47696 USD-1.09%+49.45%1,230.00 USD845.42 USD-384.58 USD-31.27%1,772.85 CTC1,910.00 USD2,853.98 USD+943.98 USD+49.42%5,984.85 CTC
06/16/20220.35427 USD-25.72%+11.01%1,240.00 USD637.94 USD-602.06 USD-48.55%1,801.08 CTC1,910.00 USD2,119.81 USD+209.81 USD+10.98%5,984.85 CTC
06/23/20220.29211 USD-17.55%-8.47%1,250.00 USD536.00 USD-714.00 USD-57.12%1,835.32 CTC1,910.00 USD1,747.88 USD-162.12 USD-8.49%5,984.85 CTC
06/30/20220.39353 USD+34.72%+23.31%1,260.00 USD732.10 USD-527.90 USD-41.90%1,860.73 CTC1,910.00 USD2,354.73 USD+444.73 USD+23.28%5,984.85 CTC
07/07/20220.37435 USD-4.87%+17.30%1,270.00 USD706.42 USD-563.58 USD-44.38%1,887.44 CTC1,910.00 USD2,239.98 USD+329.98 USD+17.28%5,984.85 CTC
07/14/20220.34398 USD-8.11%+7.78%1,280.00 USD659.11 USD-620.89 USD-48.51%1,916.51 CTC1,910.00 USD2,058.27 USD+148.27 USD+7.76%5,984.85 CTC
07/21/20220.37378 USD+8.66%+17.12%1,290.00 USD726.21 USD-563.79 USD-43.70%1,943.27 CTC1,910.00 USD2,236.56 USD+326.56 USD+17.10%5,984.85 CTC
07/28/20220.40824 USD+9.22%+27.92%1,300.00 USD803.15 USD-496.85 USD-38.22%1,967.76 CTC1,910.00 USD2,442.74 USD+532.74 USD+27.89%5,984.85 CTC
08/04/20220.40757 USD-0.16%+27.71%1,310.00 USD811.83 USD-498.17 USD-38.03%1,992.30 CTC1,910.00 USD2,438.75 USD+528.75 USD+27.68%5,984.85 CTC
08/11/20220.42872 USD+5.19%+34.34%1,320.00 USD863.96 USD-456.04 USD-34.55%2,015.62 CTC1,910.00 USD2,565.30 USD+655.30 USD+34.31%5,984.85 CTC
08/18/20220.41881 USD-2.31%+31.23%1,330.00 USD853.99 USD-476.01 USD-35.79%2,039.50 CTC1,910.00 USD2,506.01 USD+596.01 USD+31.20%5,984.85 CTC
08/25/20220.37966 USD-9.35%+18.97%1,340.00 USD784.17 USD-555.83 USD-41.48%2,065.84 CTC1,910.00 USD2,271.78 USD+361.78 USD+18.94%5,984.85 CTC
09/01/20220.34763 USD-8.44%+8.93%1,350.00 USD728.01 USD-621.99 USD-46.07%2,094.60 CTC1,910.00 USD2,080.11 USD+170.11 USD+8.91%5,984.85 CTC
09/08/20220.34215 USD-1.58%+7.21%1,360.00 USD726.52 USD-633.48 USD-46.58%2,123.83 CTC1,910.00 USD2,047.29 USD+137.29 USD+7.19%5,984.85 CTC
09/15/20220.33033 USD-3.45%+3.51%1,370.00 USD711.42 USD-658.58 USD-48.07%2,154.10 CTC1,910.00 USD1,976.58 USD+66.58 USD+3.49%5,984.85 CTC
09/22/20220.29805 USD-9.77%-6.61%1,380.00 USD651.91 USD-728.09 USD-52.76%2,187.66 CTC1,910.00 USD1,783.45 USD-126.55 USD-6.63%5,984.85 CTC
09/29/20220.31126 USD+4.43%-2.47%1,390.00 USD690.80 USD-699.20 USD-50.30%2,219.78 CTC1,910.00 USD1,862.50 USD-47.50 USD-2.49%5,984.85 CTC
10/06/20220.30146 USD-3.15%-5.54%1,400.00 USD679.04 USD-720.96 USD-51.50%2,252.95 CTC1,910.00 USD1,803.83 USD-106.17 USD-5.56%5,984.85 CTC
10/13/20220.35005 USD+16.12%+9.69%1,410.00 USD798.49 USD-611.51 USD-43.37%2,281.52 CTC1,910.00 USD2,094.59 USD+184.59 USD+9.66%5,984.85 CTC
10/20/20220.38875 USD+11.05%+21.81%1,420.00 USD896.75 USD-523.25 USD-36.85%2,307.25 CTC1,910.00 USD2,326.12 USD+416.12 USD+21.79%5,984.85 CTC
10/27/20220.40054 USD+3.03%+25.51%1,430.00 USD933.95 USD-496.05 USD-34.69%2,332.21 CTC1,910.00 USD2,396.67 USD+486.67 USD+25.48%5,984.85 CTC
11/03/20220.56679 USD+41.51%+77.60%1,440.00 USD1,331.62 USD-108.38 USD-7.53%2,349.85 CTC1,910.00 USD3,391.50 USD+1,481.50 USD+77.57%5,984.85 CTC
11/10/20220.34977 USD-38.29%+9.60%1,450.00 USD831.74 USD-618.26 USD-42.64%2,378.45 CTC1,910.00 USD2,092.90 USD+182.90 USD+9.58%5,984.85 CTC
11/17/20220.38731 USD+10.73%+21.36%1,460.00 USD931.00 USD-529.00 USD-36.23%2,404.26 CTC1,910.00 USD2,317.50 USD+407.50 USD+21.34%5,984.85 CTC
11/24/20220.36089 USD-6.82%+13.08%1,470.00 USD877.51 USD-592.49 USD-40.31%2,431.97 CTC1,910.00 USD2,159.46 USD+249.46 USD+13.06%5,984.85 CTC
12/01/20220.33665 USD-6.72%+5.49%1,480.00 USD828.57 USD-651.43 USD-44.02%2,461.68 CTC1,910.00 USD2,014.43 USD+104.43 USD+5.47%5,984.85 CTC
12/08/20220.39413 USD+17.07%+23.50%1,490.00 USD980.02 USD-509.98 USD-34.23%2,487.05 CTC1,910.00 USD2,358.34 USD+448.34 USD+23.47%5,984.85 CTC
12/15/20220.50527 USD+28.20%+58.32%1,500.00 USD1,266.38 USD-233.62 USD-15.57%2,506.84 CTC1,910.00 USD3,023.38 USD+1,113.38 USD+58.29%5,984.85 CTC
12/22/20220.59488 USD+17.73%+86.40%1,510.00 USD1,500.97 USD-9.03 USD-0.60%2,523.65 CTC1,910.00 USD3,559.55 USD+1,649.55 USD+86.36%5,984.85 CTC
12/29/20220.42406 USD-28.71%+32.88%1,520.00 USD1,079.96 USD-440.04 USD-28.95%2,547.23 CTC1,910.00 USD2,537.43 USD+627.43 USD+32.85%5,984.85 CTC
01/05/20230.54107 USD+27.59%+69.54%1,530.00 USD1,387.97 USD-142.03 USD-9.28%2,565.71 CTC1,910.00 USD3,237.60 USD+1,327.60 USD+69.51%5,984.85 CTC
01/12/20230.54342 USD+0.43%+70.28%1,540.00 USD1,403.97 USD-136.03 USD-8.83%2,584.12 CTC1,910.00 USD3,251.63 USD+1,341.63 USD+70.24%5,984.85 CTC
01/19/20230.53208 USD-2.09%+66.72%1,550.00 USD1,384.68 USD-165.32 USD-10.67%2,602.91 CTC1,910.00 USD3,183.78 USD+1,273.78 USD+66.69%5,984.85 CTC
01/26/20230.55781 USD+4.84%+74.79%1,560.00 USD1,461.63 USD-98.37 USD-6.31%2,620.84 CTC1,910.00 USD3,337.74 USD+1,427.74 USD+74.75%5,984.85 CTC
02/02/20230.67178 USD+20.43%+110.50%1,570.00 USD1,770.27 USD+200.27 USD+12.76%2,635.72 CTC1,910.00 USD4,019.69 USD+2,109.69 USD+110.45%5,984.85 CTC
02/09/20230.65306 USD-2.79%+104.63%1,580.00 USD1,730.93 USD+150.93 USD+9.55%2,651.04 CTC1,910.00 USD3,907.66 USD+1,997.66 USD+104.59%5,984.85 CTC
02/16/20230.57311 USD-12.24%+79.58%1,590.00 USD1,529.04 USD-60.96 USD-3.83%2,668.49 CTC1,910.00 USD3,429.31 USD+1,519.31 USD+79.55%5,984.85 CTC
02/23/20230.54709 USD-4.54%+71.43%1,600.00 USD1,469.60 USD-130.40 USD-8.15%2,686.76 CTC1,910.00 USD3,273.59 USD+1,363.59 USD+71.39%5,984.85 CTC
03/02/20230.50473 USD-7.74%+58.15%1,610.00 USD1,365.83 USD-244.17 USD-15.17%2,706.58 CTC1,910.00 USD3,020.15 USD+1,110.15 USD+58.12%5,984.85 CTC
03/09/20230.41735 USD-17.31%+30.77%1,620.00 USD1,139.37 USD-480.63 USD-29.67%2,730.54 CTC1,910.00 USD2,497.30 USD+587.30 USD+30.75%5,984.85 CTC
03/16/20230.3992 USD-4.35%+25.09%1,630.00 USD1,099.80 USD-530.20 USD-32.53%2,755.59 CTC1,910.00 USD2,388.66 USD+478.66 USD+25.06%5,984.85 CTC
03/23/20230.36647 USD-8.20%+14.83%1,640.00 USD1,019.64 USD-620.36 USD-37.83%2,782.87 CTC1,910.00 USD2,192.83 USD+282.83 USD+14.81%5,984.85 CTC
03/30/20230.37611 USD+2.63%+17.85%1,650.00 USD1,056.45 USD-593.55 USD-35.97%2,809.46 CTC1,910.00 USD2,250.50 USD+340.50 USD+17.83%5,984.85 CTC
04/06/20230.36868 USD-1.97%+15.52%1,660.00 USD1,045.59 USD-614.41 USD-37.01%2,836.59 CTC1,910.00 USD2,206.06 USD+296.06 USD+15.50%5,984.85 CTC
04/13/20230.36769 USD-0.27%+15.21%1,670.00 USD1,052.77 USD-617.23 USD-36.96%2,863.78 CTC1,910.00 USD2,200.13 USD+290.13 USD+15.19%5,984.85 CTC
04/20/20230.39657 USD+7.86%+24.26%1,680.00 USD1,145.47 USD-534.53 USD-31.82%2,889.00 CTC1,910.00 USD2,372.96 USD+462.96 USD+24.24%5,984.85 CTC
04/27/20230.31677 USD-20.12%-0.74%1,690.00 USD924.97 USD-765.03 USD-45.27%2,920.57 CTC1,910.00 USD1,895.46 USD-14.54 USD-0.76%5,984.85 CTC
05/04/20230.35748 USD+12.85%+12.01%1,700.00 USD1,053.84 USD-646.16 USD-38.01%2,948.54 CTC1,910.00 USD2,139.05 USD+229.05 USD+11.99%5,984.85 CTC
05/11/20230.33298 USD-6.85%+4.34%1,710.00 USD991.60 USD-718.40 USD-42.01%2,978.57 CTC1,910.00 USD1,992.43 USD+82.43 USD+4.32%5,984.85 CTC
05/18/20230.32932 USD-1.10%+3.19%1,720.00 USD990.69 USD-729.31 USD-42.40%3,008.94 CTC1,910.00 USD1,970.51 USD+60.51 USD+3.17%5,984.85 CTC
05/25/20230.30891 USD-6.20%-3.21%1,730.00 USD939.30 USD-790.70 USD-45.71%3,041.31 CTC1,910.00 USD1,848.40 USD-61.60 USD-3.22%5,984.85 CTC
06/01/20230.30887 USD-0.01%-3.22%1,740.00 USD949.17 USD-790.83 USD-45.45%3,073.69 CTC1,910.00 USD1,848.15 USD-61.85 USD-3.24%5,984.85 CTC
06/08/20230.26658 USD-13.69%-16.47%1,750.00 USD829.21 USD-920.79 USD-52.62%3,111.20 CTC1,910.00 USD1,595.11 USD-314.89 USD-16.49%5,984.85 CTC
06/15/20230.21701 USD-18.59%-32.00%1,760.00 USD685.03 USD-1,074.97 USD-61.08%3,157.28 CTC1,910.00 USD1,298.52 USD-611.48 USD-32.01%5,984.85 CTC
06/22/20230.2364 USD+8.93%-25.93%1,770.00 USD756.22 USD-1,013.78 USD-57.28%3,199.58 CTC1,910.00 USD1,414.52 USD-495.48 USD-25.94%5,984.85 CTC
06/29/20230.22729 USD-3.85%-28.78%1,780.00 USD737.07 USD-1,042.93 USD-58.59%3,243.58 CTC1,910.00 USD1,360.01 USD-549.99 USD-28.80%5,984.85 CTC
07/06/20230.22159 USD-2.50%-30.56%1,790.00 USD728.61 USD-1,061.39 USD-59.30%3,288.71 CTC1,910.00 USD1,325.94 USD-584.06 USD-30.58%5,984.85 CTC
07/13/20230.20835 USD-5.98%-34.71%1,800.00 USD695.07 USD-1,104.93 USD-61.38%3,336.70 CTC1,910.00 USD1,246.71 USD-663.29 USD-34.73%5,984.85 CTC
07/20/20230.19427 USD-6.76%-39.13%1,810.00 USD658.07 USD-1,151.93 USD-63.64%3,388.18 CTC1,910.00 USD1,162.42 USD-747.58 USD-39.14%5,984.85 CTC
07/27/20230.19451 USD+0.13%-39.05%1,820.00 USD668.90 USD-1,151.10 USD-63.25%3,439.59 CTC1,910.00 USD1,163.89 USD-746.11 USD-39.06%5,984.85 CTC
08/03/20230.18915 USD-2.76%-40.73%1,830.00 USD660.47 USD-1,169.53 USD-63.91%3,492.46 CTC1,910.00 USD1,131.82 USD-778.18 USD-40.74%5,984.85 CTC
08/10/20230.20271 USD+7.17%-36.48%1,840.00 USD717.80 USD-1,122.20 USD-60.99%3,541.79 CTC1,910.00 USD1,212.93 USD-697.07 USD-36.50%5,984.85 CTC
08/17/20230.17976 USD-11.32%-43.67%1,850.00 USD646.56 USD-1,203.44 USD-65.05%3,597.42 CTC1,910.00 USD1,075.64 USD-834.36 USD-43.68%5,984.85 CTC
08/24/20230.16546 USD-7.96%-48.15%1,860.00 USD605.11 USD-1,254.89 USD-67.47%3,657.86 CTC1,910.00 USD990.06 USD-919.94 USD-48.16%5,984.85 CTC
08/31/20230.15438 USD-6.70%-51.63%1,870.00 USD574.59 USD-1,295.41 USD-69.27%3,722.63 CTC1,910.00 USD923.77 USD-986.23 USD-51.64%5,984.85 CTC
09/07/20230.15331 USD-0.69%-51.96%1,880.00 USD580.60 USD-1,299.40 USD-69.12%3,787.86 CTC1,910.00 USD917.36 USD-992.64 USD-51.97%5,984.85 CTC
09/14/20230.14609 USD-4.71%-54.22%1,890.00 USD563.24 USD-1,326.76 USD-70.20%3,856.31 CTC1,910.00 USD874.13 USD-1,035.87 USD-54.23%5,984.85 CTC
09/21/20230.14494 USD-0.79%-54.59%1,900.00 USD568.80 USD-1,331.20 USD-70.06%3,925.31 CTC1,910.00 USD867.25 USD-1,042.75 USD-54.59%5,984.85 CTC
09/28/20230.13302 USD-8.22%-58.32%1,910.00 USD532.04 USD-1,377.96 USD-72.14%4,000.48 CTC1,910.00 USD795.95 USD-1,114.05 USD-58.33%5,984.85 CTC

*Please note that values above utilizes data from CoinGecko and ExchangeRate-API.

How to use the CTC DCA tool

How to use this Creditcoin Investment Calculator

To use this CTC DCA crypto calculator, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Input your investment information: The first step in using this CTC DCA crypto calculator is to input information about your investment goals. This will typically include the amount of money that you want to invest in Creditcoin, as well as the frequency of your investments (such as weekly or monthly). This CTC DCA crypto calculator may also allow you to input additional information, such as your risk tolerance or the length of your investment horizon.
  2. Generate your DCA plan: After you have input your investment information, this CTC DCA crypto calculator will generate a plan for how to invest using the DCA strategy. This plan will typically include the amount of money that you should invest each period, as well as the total amount of money that you will have invested after a certain number of periods.
  3. Use the plan to guide your investments: Once you have generated your DCA plan, you can use it as a guide for your Creditcoin investments. You can use the plan to determine the amount of money that you should invest each period, and track your progress over time to ensure that you are staying on track with your investment goals.
  4. Monitor your Creditcoin investment: In addition to using your DCA plan to guide your investments, it is also important to regularly monitor the performance of your Creditcoin investment. You can do this by accessing your investment account and viewing your Creditcoin balance and trade history. This will allow you to track the value of your investment and see how it is performing over time.

How portfolio values are calculated

The portfolio value in this CTC DCA crypto calculator is typically calculated by adding up the total value of all of the Creditcoin that you have invested in. This value is typically calculated by multiplying the number of Creditcoin that you have invested in by the current market price of Creditcoin.

For example, let's say that you have invested a total of 5 Creditcoin using the DCA strategy, and the current market price of Creditcoin is $500. In this case, the portfolio value of your Creditcoin investment would be 5 x $500 = $2,500.

Additionally, this CTC DCA crypto calculator may also take into account the value of any additional investments that you have made using other cryptocurrencies or traditional assets. These investments would be added to the total value of your portfolio, along with the value of your Creditcoin investments.

Overall, the portfolio value in this CTC DCA crypto calculator is an important metric that can help you to track the performance of your investments and see how your portfolio is growing over time. By regularly monitoring the portfolio value, you can make more informed and disciplined investment decisions, and improve your chances of success in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

CTC Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a popular investment strategy that is often used in the world of cryptocurrency. CTC DCA involves investing a fixed amount of money into CTC (Creditcoin) on a regular basis, regardless of the current market price. This strategy can help investors to smooth out the potential ups and downs of the market and reduce the risk of buying at the wrong time.

Here's an example of how CTC DCA works: let's say that you want to invest $500 in Creditcoin. Instead of buying $500 worth of Creditcoin all at once, you could use the CTC DCA strategy to buy $100 worth of Creditcoin every week for five weeks. This means that you would be buying Creditcoin at different prices each week, depending on how the market is moving. If the price of Creditcoin goes up during those five weeks, you will be buying less Creditcoin each week. But if the price of Creditcoin goes down, you will be buying more Creditcoin each week.

The main advantage of using the CTC DCA strategy is that it can help to reduce the risk of buying at the wrong time. By investing a fixed amount of money on a regular basis, you can avoid the potential pitfalls of trying to time the market or making emotional decisions about when to buy. This can help to ensure that you are consistently buying into the market, rather than making large, one-time purchases that could be affected by market fluctuations.

Additionally, CTC DCA can help to reduce the average cost of your investment over time. By buying at different prices, you can potentially average out the cost of your investment and end up with a lower overall price than if you had bought all at once. This can help to maximize your returns in the long term.

Overall, the CTC DCA strategy is a popular and effective way to invest in Creditcoin. It can help to reduce risk and improve your chances of success in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

How to invest in Creditcoin?

To invest in Creditcoin, you will need to find a reputable and reliable cryptocurrency platform or exchange that offers Creditcoin trading.

OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers Creditcoin trading. To invest in Creditcoin in OKEx, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on OKEx: Visit the OKEx website and sign up for an account. You will need to provide some basic personal information and complete a verification process to create your account.
  2. Fund your OKEx account: Once your account is set up, you will need to deposit funds into your OKEx account. You can do this by transferring funds from your bank account or using a supported cryptocurrency.
  3. Search for Creditcoin on OKEx: Once you have funds in your OKEx account, you can search for Creditcoin on the platform. You can use the search bar or navigate to the "Markets" section of the OKEx website to find Creditcoin.
  4. Place an order to buy Creditcoin: Once you have found Creditcoin on OKEx, you can place an order to buy it. You will need to specify the amount of Creditcoin that you want to buy, as well as the price at which you are willing to buy it.
  5. Monitor your Creditcoin investment: After you have placed your order, your investment in Creditcoin will be processed and your Creditcoin will be added to your OKEx account. You can monitor the performance of your investment by accessing your OKEx account and viewing your Creditcoin balance and trade history.

Overall, investing in Creditcoin using OKEx is a simple and straightforward process. By following these steps, you can easily add Creditcoin to your investment portfolio and start benefiting from its potential growth.